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InterModeller is a computer program designed for educational model building. With it, learners can build interactive information models (sometimes called `expert systems') on a variety of topics.

InterModeller is especially suitable for building models of classification, where the information describes the features of the various classes or categories that make up the topic. For example, an InterModeller model might describe various kinds of spiders, plants, shapes, tools, or vehicles. Models can be composed of any of seven representational forms, including decision trees, classification (hierarchical) trees, factor tables, and rules. A model in one form can be automatically transformed into any other form. Models can be `slimmed' to improve efficiency.

InterModeller has been designed to be useful with learners from the mid-primary stages onward. It was designed by Tom Conlon, who also designed Conception, our powerful information mapping software.

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Separate pages give details and system requirements for the Macintosh and Windows versions of InterModeller. These pages also provide download links.

Learn more about InterModeller by browsing the online help.

The research and development ideas behind InterModeller are explained in a paper by Tom Conlon.

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